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Book Review > Discontent and its Civilisations by Mohsin Hamid

Discontent and its CivilisationsDiscontent and its Civilisations by Mohsin Hamid
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This is the first non-fiction book I've read.
I've read Mohsin Hamid's debut fiction novel 'Moth Smoke' previously.
Honestly speaking, I couldn't really get into the story back then. There were only a few elements that I enjoyed.
'Discontent and its Civilizations' explains Hamid's real life encounters. He has described how his life has changed while travelling from Lahore to NY, London and then back to Lahore. During this journey, Hamid has seen immense changes in his own perspective and personality.
He has pin pointed real life incidents in this book and have told how Islam has changed post 9/11. He has portrayed the real elements of Islamization in the Western side of the world. More or less, he has tried to present the real image of Islam. Politics, Pakistan-India relationship, U.S Drone Attacks have been thoughtfully explained in this book.
He has openly said that Islam is not a monolith.
Hamid also shares his stories regarding fiction, books, movies and titbits of his marriage life and also discussed some of the phases of fatherhood.
Certainly, Hamid's writing style is quite sophisticated, knowledgeable and mature.

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