Friday, 2 May 2014


Hello My Lovely Fawadians!
Hope you’re all doing good and find this message in the best of your health. Supporting your favourite celebrity is not a bad thing at all but if in case you plunge yourself into disputes and quarrels among people, then it can surely affect you or your favourite celebrity’s feelings. Sometimes, we get so much indulged into disputes that we tend to forget that perhaps our celebrities are watching over our activities and it is affecting them to such an extremity that they are forced to come out of their shells and speak their heart out!
Today, an unusual event took place with my sister (Ayesha Naveed). I and Ayesha are die heart fans of Fawad Afzal Khan; Pakistan’s one and only Superstar till date. He has been ruling our hearts prior to Humsafar days.
When Ayesha woke up today morning, she found Fawad’s two lengthy messages in her inbox. At his request, here I am sharing his message with you all.

“Hi Ayesha. I'm repeating what I wrote to someone else. Not because my fingers have tired or I'm finding it hard to come up with something original but because I feel it can't get any more accurate than this. I feel sometimes that you unnecessarily compliment me. And then I feel guilty, because I feel I really haven't done as much to win this much love, honor and respect. I realize you may strongly disagree with my comment, especially after your wonderful compliments. The point I'm getting to is this - I'm honoured to have an admirer like you. I realize a lot of the times you're being protective and that really brings out a feeling of endearment in me. I genuinely respect your love and support.
I've also come to learn of your and Maryam's undying support for me across many social forums and platforms. And I hear they turn into heated debates at times. I won't lie. I've even had the chance to read some of these interesting battles. I'm not saying I don't enjoy this love, the feeling of protection and attention. Who doesn't? I'm even hurt at times by the sudden assumptions made about me out of which conclusions have been drawn. But then I choose to ignore the baseless criticism that springs out of rumour and assumption. It's best to stay silent in a room full of shouting people. You may as well be making a lot of sense but no one ends up listening. My point to you is pick and choose your battles more wisely. I think there is enough contempt amongst us all today as a whole nation. Squabbling over who is better than who and that too, so harshly, would mean we've drawn clear boundaries amongst ourselves in likeness to so many other things today that are tearing us apart such as borders, religion, caste, creed.....and the list keeps going on.'s entertainment. Not a freedom movement. Don't become a part of this open display of pointless criticism where logic and rationale is left far behind and it becomes a mindless and reasonless banter. I write this to you because I respect and appreciate your love and concern and nothing would make me prouder than to see you guys become a torchbearer of change. Exercise patience and look for logical arguments to become a part of. I hope I haven't offended you by taking the liberty to say this all. If so, ignore it. If not then please pass this message on to the other supporters. I'm sure it won't be a daunting task because there must be few like you. As always I thank you for all your undying support.
Love and regards,
Fawad A Khan.”
So yes! Fawad Afzal Khan does get effect when we go out and talk to his rivalries' fans on social media platforms.
Just like Fawad, I would request you all to stop fidgeting around with people who does not support him or who give a damn to his work and advertisements. We should choose our battles more wisely and only take part in constructive criticism and logical arguments. We should stop comparing him to other celebrities because we should have full trust in our favourite artist’s capabilities and devotion. For us, no other artist can ever compete with him or take his position in the film/drama industry. For Fawadians, he is the only super talented actor and a complete package that Pakistani fraternity has ever witnessed.
Hope you take this message seriously and pass on to the other Fawadians. Let peace prevail everywhere!

Love and regards,
Sara Naveed (the writer).