Saturday, 15 March 2014

Synopsis (Updated)

Twenty year old, (Girl's name), has everything she could ever ask for in life; an elite family, a high profile status, a bunch of good friends and a childhood sweetheart. Being childish, stubborn, imperious, extravagant and a bit impulsive at making important decisions pertaining to her life is what perfectly describes her personality. She takes life easily and can get anything she desires. To her, life is a bed of roses. It is only when she meets, (Guy's name), her mentor and finance professor at university, her perspective of life completely changes. He looks quite young for his age as every girl at the university thinks he is attractive, seductive, intellectual and rather intimidating. This charming man is every girl’s fantasy and she also finds it hard to resist him.  But is he fascinated by her? Little did she know how one little interaction could bring about so many twists and turns in her life. Don't miss this romantic tragedy.


  1. The pic looks lovely! =) Congrats on the book!

    As a fellow fanficcer turned author, welcome to the club! May our tribe increase. =)

  2. Well, I have read a review on this wonderful novel. As a scholar of South Asian Anglophone fiction, I find the plot fascinating especially its geopolitical background. Just wanted to ask if you talk about the landscape and the ecology of the area impacted by terrorism and violence