Friday, 14 March 2014

My Review for 'Butterfly Season'

Butterfly SeasonButterfly Season by Natasha Ahmed
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

For you, Natasha Ahmed would be an author. But for me, she's an inspiration.
'Butterfly Season' is a beautiful novel. It tells us about the freedom that we Asian women, desire for. I loved Rumi's character. Any Pakistani girl, leading the same situations as her, could easily relate to Rumi.
Ahad and Rumi shared a great rapport and their love story was cute. It looked real to me.
The problems faced by most of the unmarried girls is very well explained in this novel. Parents, relatives and the society starts to get mad when a girl crosses 20. They just want the girl to get married and settle down in her life.
Most of the parents in our society have the same thinking like Rumi's parents.
I liked Juveria's concerns for her sister as well. They were well explained. The way she reacted over Rumi's love affair/night stand with Ahad was genuine. Any sister would react in exactly the same fashion.
It was a good read. I finished this novel in one go; read it within two hours.
I would highly recommend to consider reading this book.
Loved it.

Happy Reading,
Sara Naveed :)

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