Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Undying Affinity is OUT. Book your copy now!

Meet Zarish Munawwar and Ahmar Muraad and come to know how their life unfolds at every step. If you want to experience a gush of romance, emotions and tragedy, then Undying Affinity is a must read for you all. 

The book is available on all the Amazon stores and Barnes&Noble. Following links will re-direct you to their respective stores:

Undying Affinity will be out in Pakistan's local bookstores in February. You can also get a SIGNED copy from me if you want to. To pre-order your signed copy, contact me on my official Facebook pages:

I'd request you all to hurry with reserving a copy because the stock is limited in Pakistan.

Thanks a lot.

Love and regards,

Sara Naveed. 

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