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My latest Interview at Pakreaders

Sara Naveed is a talented Pakistani writer, Author of the book “Undying Affinity” a love story of a girl “Zarish” belongs to a very rich family. It is really an amazing book covering the chemistry of rich people’s love stories. We are going to talk with Sara Naveed about it. It is a short interview with her to talk about herself and her book.

Q. First of all tell us about your educational background.
A. I have completed my MS. in Banking and Finance from UMT Lahore. Being a finance student, literature always lingered in my thoughts. I’d always wanted to do something in linguistics or literature but couldn’t pursue my education into these departments. I always wanted to be a writer; whether it was about writing fan fictions or novels, writing was embedded into my soul. That’s the reason I wanted to pursue my career in writing.

Q. What is your profession?
A. Apart from writing, I’m working as a Business Analyst and HR Manager in an American consulting group based in Lahore.

Q. Why your book character Zarish belongs to a rich family? Mostly in Urdu novels, we read that writers try to depict the stories of middle-class or poor families. So, why did you choose a rich family?
A. The decision of picking a royal family for Zarish’s character was to highlight the weakness and negative traits of the elite society. The rich is getting richer and the poor is getting poorer. That is the current scenario of the world right now. We do not realize the difference between the two classes unless we are exposed to the truth. Ahmar Muraad, the male protagonist in my book is a person who makes Zarish see the other side of the coin. To understand the difference, you need to belong to an opposite class. Ahmar explains her depth of the vicious circle of poverty in such a way that she is able to see that difference.

Q. There are lots of books about love stories in market then why not on other topics?
A. That’s true. These days, every other writer is writing romance and love stories. I did not choose to write on any other topic because I was not simply interested. I think I’m good at writing romance. You should always opt for something you think you can do justice with and think I can do justice with romance.

Q. To be honest I thought after reading short introduction of your book Undying Affinity that you got this idea of professor and student love story from “Raja Gidh” by Bano Qudsiya.
A. Really? (Laughs). Trust me, I haven’t read “Raja Gidh” by Bano Qudsiya till date and I cannot comment on something I haven’t read.

Q. Being a writer, is it really difficult to play with characters?
A. Not at all. When you fully understand the depth of a character, it becomes easy to write about him/her.

Q. Ever you feel that it is hard to manage the characters while book writing?
A. Sometimes, it does get complicated when you’re writing about multi characters but then again, understanding them deeply makes everything easy. You need to live your character to make them look genuine.

Q. Why book lovers should read your book? I mean what is unique in your book?
A. The most important element of this book is the romantic chemistry between the lead characters. That I think is the USP of this book.

Q. Which writers are your favorites?
A. Each writer is my favorite. I become a fan of every writer whose work appeals me. So my preferences keep changing with every good book that I read.

Q. Are you writing more? I mean what is next?
A. Yes. I’m working on my second novel which has a more challenging subject. It revolves around a dark yet intense romantic story.
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