Thursday, 13 November 2014

What is 'Undying Affinity' to me?

Undying AffinityUndying Affinity by Sara Naveed
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Undying Affinity is my debut book.
For me, it is not a book but more like a baby.
I started writing this book in January 2013 and completed in mid 2014. The idea of writing this book struck my mind back in Nov 2012. At that point of time, I had no serious plans of writing it down and getting it published though I always desired to write a book one day.
However, with passage of time, my mind changed and I started taking the book seriously.

The process of writing this book has been really exciting. Every time I wrote it, I experienced the emotions driven out of the characters myself. Though the story has not been inspired from any real incident, it looks completely real to me. I was in love with the characters while writing this book.

One thing that I have to mention here is that this book could not be possible without the meticulous support of my younger sister, Ayesha. She was there throughout the entire process of writing this book. When I'd finished writing a sequence or a chapter, she would read it and point out the flaws. She has helped me to improve the plot of Undying Affinity. I could not have written it alone.

After completing the first draft, I felt relieved. After continuous re-reading and re-editing, the book came into a proper shape.
Even now when I read this book, I always tend to come up with new ideas and think ways of improving the story-line but everything has a time.
If I continued making changes in the book, it would never have got completed.

The story of Undying Affinity revolves around Zarish Munawwar. At 22, she has everything in life she could ever ask for; an elite family, a high profile status, a bunch of good friends and a childhood sweetheart. Being childish, stubborn, imperious, extravagant and a bit impulsive at making important decisions pertaining to her life, is what perfectly describes her overall personality. She takes life easily and can get anything she desires. To her, life is a bed of roses. It is only when she meets, Ahmar Muraad, her mentor and finance professor at university, her perspective towards life completely changes. He looks quite young for his age as every girl at the university thinks he is attractive, seductive, intellectual and rather intimidating. This charming man is every girl’s fantasy and Zarish also finds it hard to resist him. But is he fascinated by her? Little did Zarish know how one little interaction could bring about so many twists and turns in her life. You have to read the book to know what happens next.

Today, I am proud to be the author of this book and I hope readers like it. The most important element of this book is the romantic chemistry between the lead characters. That is the USP of this book. :)

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