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Book review of 'Battle of Bittora' by Anuja Chauhan

Battle For BittoraBattle For Bittora by Anuja Chauhan
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

I DID NOT enjoy reading this book at all. I had to run through the pages quickly because I wanted to finish it as soon as possible.
The reason to pick this book for reading was the fact that apparently Fawad Khan (my most favorite Pakistani hero) is going to play the much hyped Zain Altaaf Khan in the Bollywood adaption of this book alongside Sonam Kapoor who will play the role of Sarojini Pande aka Jinni. I just wish Fawad had not agreed to do this book because it is again centered around the woman. :( Since he is doing the movie, it is my sincere plea to the makers of this movie to re-write the screenplay and give some more significance to ZAK's role!
Nevertheless this was the sole reason for reading it. Otherwise, I'd never dared to start this book.

This book will be an interesting and enjoyable read for the people based in India as they can relate to their political system with an ease.
As I'm a Pakistani, so it took me sometime to understand the tactics of the Indian politics. There were some terms which were non-understandable. I'm a person who'd want to stay away from politics as far as possible. Therefore, for me it is not a must-read.

There was too much politics in this book as the title indicates. Elections, campaigning, ballot boxing, voting etc is what the book is all about.
I wish there was more exposure of romance between Jinni and Zain but I could only sense sexual tension arising between the two of them at few parts.

Indian readers will surely love this book, I'm sure. As far the movie adaptation is concerned, Fawad Khan is perfect to portray the character of Zain because he's all lean, well chiseled body type and a Muslim guy.
Halfheartedly, I choose to give only 2 stars to this book.

Happy Reading!

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