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My Book Review: Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell

FangirlFangirl by Rainbow Rowell
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I'd never thought writing could be so simple.
Rainbow Rowell taught me this.

Before reading her work, I almost believed that every writer's work has to be detailed and precisely written. Whichever books that I've read, I've seen how writers have described intricate details of their stories into words.
But Rainbow Rowell's writing doesn't work that way.
Her writing is simple, to the point and focuses more on the 'dialogue part'.
I comprehend the fact that every writer is blessed with a unique writing style and I truly respect that.

To my surprise, Rainbow Rowell's writing awestruck me at the point where I realized she also focuses more on the dialogue part.
Being a writer, I enjoy writing stories where the characters get a chance to interact with one another. The characters should speak for themselves. I do not want to indulge unnecessarily into the detailing of every scene or writing long descriptions for that matter.

I feel more happy when my characters speak and feel relaxed while writing conversations between my characters. This is what made me fall in love with Rainbow because she does the same.
I'd read her 'Attachments' and 'Eleanor and Park' prior to reading 'Fangirl' and I was completely amazed with her writing format and style.

I loved 'Attachments' and 'Eleanor and Park' but there was some special spark in 'Fangirl'.
The major reason for choosing 'Fangirl' over her previous two books is the fact that the character in the former i.e. 'Cather Avery', is quite close to what I used to be in my adolescence years or still I am. A complete 'Crazy' girl driven into the world of imaginations and fantasies.
A girl who is simply not interested in the world and who only focuses on her imaginary characters and fantasy life.
Cath is shy and a bit resistant to meeting new people and developing new relationships.

The reason why I relate myself to Cath is because as a teenager, I was also plunged into writing fan fictions in various Bollywood/Asian forums of my most favorite celebrities.
The idea of writing a book regarding fan fictions was simply amazing. Cath is just how I used to think or believe.

And not to forget the cute 'Levi' in this book. The cute Levi and his cute smiles.
Levi is such a cutie pie! Every woman/girl writer would want to have a boyfriend/partner/husband as supportive and caring as Levi.
Levi understands how Cath's brain works and he supports her writing career till infinity and beyond.
He knows how crazy Cath is. That's what I love the most about his character.

The relationship between Cath and her twin sister, Wren is beautifully described and one you are reading the book, you can easily differentiate between the two characters. They're twins yet so different from each other.
Cath writes the fan fiction and Wren helps her out with plot, story line and new ideas.

All in all, it was a lovely read except for reading the 'Baz and Simon' stories.
Mostly, I skipped reading her Baz and Simon 'fan-fictions' because I wasn't really interested in reading a gay love story; I was more keen to know what was happening in 'Cath's own love story.
Rainbow Rowell, you are a brilliant story teller and authoress. I'm glad to become one of your huge fans!

Happy Reading!
Sara :)

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